Friday, August 15, 2008

New recipe for celebrating India's 61st Independence Day.

New Recipe for celebrating India's 61st Independence Day Celebrations.

Take three parts sacrifice...what parents do to raise their children, what soldiers do for their country.

Add three parts thought, action, words.

Layer with three parts growth...create a garden of beauty, support farmers, preserve the environment.

To all this add the essence of the 24 spokes of the blue Ashoka Chakra.

The following is quoted from the site The Chakra signifies that there is a life in 'Movement' and 'Death' in stagnation.

Wonderful Qualities of the Twenty Four Spokes :

1. Love 2.Courage 3.Patience 4.Peacefulness 5.Magnanimity 6.Goodness 7.Faithfulness 8.Gentleness 9.Selflessness 10.Self-control 11.Self sacrifice 12.Truthfulness 13.Righteousness 14.Justice 15.Mercy 16.Gracefulness 17.Humility 18.Empathy 19.Sympathy 20.Spiritual knowledge 21.Moral Values 22.Spiritual Wisdom 23.The fear of God (Live as if you know there is a higher power than you). 24.Faith or Belief or Hope

Take one helping each day.

Let this recipe be part of our internal make up and let change begin with individual and watch it spread in ripples. This is my recipe for Independence Day and my wish that everyone understand what the Indian flag represents.

This is also my submission for Pooja’s My Creative Ideas.


lan said...

Happy Independence Day Geeta.
Didn't know about what the spokes of the wheel stand for. The whole recipe is a good reference. Thanks!

Mallugirl said...

A very nice recipe for life.:)