Monday, July 7, 2008


This is the two cents corner again(two cents being what my opinion is worth, as I'm a self proclaimed judge), with my vote for MOST CHALLENGING RECIPES OUTLINED PERFECTLY.
I did thing of calling it the Drool Award but changed my mind as my more sober side reminded me that 60 is only two years away (a year and a half actually, but who's counting?), and aunties who are 58 do not go around giving DROOL awards though their overactive salivary glands may wish they lived close to these folk, so they could taste these dishes under cover of the excuse of judging in person.
As a diabetic, my energy level is not up to making these dishes, but it is up to writing this in admiration of others' efforts.

(Drum roll, please...4 year old grandson bangs on drum while his two year old sister shouts I DO IT, I DO IT...good help is so hard to find.)

And the winners are...

The first award goes to Cynthia Nelson (Tastes Like Home). Watch her slideshow of the dish PARATHA ROTI, on her site, under ALBUMS for clear, concise, step by step directions to make perfect parathas, her way. They look so.o.o.o good.

The next award goes to Shilpa of Aayi's Recipes, for her DANISH BRAID PASTRY.

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easycrafts said...

I too love Cynthia and Shilpa's sites