Sunday, July 20, 2008


Feeding the hungry has been an age old Indian tradition. Those of us who grew up in India, will not forget the cries of, "Amma! Taayi!" at the gate. It was my mother who always sent the servant or one of us children to the gate with a few paisa or some food for the beggar who stood there.
I also remember the lines of poor lining the road on either side of every religious place: temples,churches,gurudwaras, etc. waiting for the devout to come out and give them something.
Some housewives had a charity container on the kitchen counter and when they started cooking, they put a handful of rice into this container to be donated for feeding the poor.
No matter what your physical ability level or time constraints or reluctance to write yet another check for charity, you can contribute today to a wold effort to gather food for the hungry. Just go to and play the word game will improve your vocabulary and for every word you get right, 20 grains of rice are donated to the UN World Food Program to end world hunger.
Just a few minutes of your time each day, donates a bowl of rice...what a wonderful, easy way to carry on the tradition of ANNADAANAM (giving of food).

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Eco_smith said...

Oh! yes reminds me of my childhood.. there used to be so many people even seeking alms right in the morning... it still rings in my ears ..'amma taayi' ...

will do my bit now at
thanks for the link!