Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Peda Research:
Pedas have been a long time favorite sweet of my mother's, sister's and mine. The kind one gets in a particular sweetmeat shop in Bangalore, Bhagatram's, are not available anywhere else. The last time I went back the taste had changed as the grandson had altered the recipe! I almost cried when I tasted the new version!
Finally, have my results ready for publication here.
The topmost pic with the pistachio topping in Vidya Bandur's recipe...made in the microwave and a real shortcut...it came out good. Heeding Vidya's warning I might have become too anxious and taking it out too soon as it has a tendency to 'melt' if left outside for too long. Hers were the quickest to make, very tasty, and held their shape great as long as they were not left outside the fridge in this heat!
On the right is the tri color barfi from Jagruti's Cooking Odyssey...the colors were from my own imagination. The taste is super as is the tip of roasting milk powder (I did it in the microwave). Again, this melts quickly when out of the fridge so it goes straight from there into my mouth...should have left the half and half and sugar to cook a little longer.
At the bottom is my own peda recipe made with chenna and crushed almonds in the mix...I thought I was doing something unique when I put in crushed almonds then I saw the above recipes had almond meal too. This one held its shape the best. 
On the left is Hilda Mascarenhas' rose syrup barfi...sorry I couldn't add the rose syrup to it. Tastes really great!
So what does a diabetic do with all the mithai? Well, first of all I downsize proportions drastically while making which might be why some of them don't come out perfect the first time, and then the results are frozen in individual snack bars and enjoyed one per day for as long as they last. Hd will eat it the first day its made but after that its all mine unless daughter and grandkids come over and help!
All mistakes are mine and the recipes will be re-tried BUT do roast your milk powder in the mic before using...the aroma and taste is great.
Thanks to all the expert input and I'm getting good with making different pedas...at least taste wise great.

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