Tuesday, December 16, 2014


I'm always trying out some of the recipes posted in my cooking group.
Ruchi Airen's no fry dahi vade, made weeks ago, caught my attention: http://www.foodfellas4you.com/dahi-ki-pakori-in-the-appe-pan/
While experimenting with her recipe, I researched and tried out two other 'no-fry' dahi vades from authors not on our blog.  One was Nishamadhulika's steamed dahi vades (in an idli steamer) and the other was Tarla Dalal's 'no-fry' dahi vades where they are made on a skillet.
Please note the different toppings were so I wouldn't forget which was which when eating/writing the recipes up.
I was extremely pleased with all three results and thank Ruchi for bringing one of my favorite dishes, with a healthier 'no fry' method to my attention.
In the click, Ruchi's dahi vade is on top, NM's on bottom left and TD's on bottom right.
On the whole, I feel the traditional dahi vade does not retain/absorb too much oil if fried at the correct temperature and then dropped into warm water but this healthier option is available to us all now.
I hope dahi vades will feature in your menus soon....

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