Thursday, October 9, 2014

Microwave Almond/Kaju Katli

This is a YES YOU CAN! recipe even for those who have never attempted Indian sweets before and want to present this dish looking like experts!

I converted the pan recipe into a microwave recipe and loved the results.
(No challenging pan to wash up and HD was relieved.)

I always thought badam and kaju katli was something one could only get at a mithai shop and have loved this non-dairy sweet forever.  My grandkids inherited my love for almond/kaju katli.  Our mithai wallah put his ingredients on his box and when I saw cornstarch and other stuff I went in search of the original recipe.  After combining 3 recipes, 5 tries and lots of happy tasting on my part, I am so happy to share the results with everybody here for this unbelievably quick and easy sweet that tastes so.o.o incredibly good.


Almond is bland so I add half kaju (cashew nuts), half almonds to the recipe for a taste that suits us.
You can add rose water, almond essence, vanilla essence, cardamom or saffron to the recipe.

PLEASE DO NOT CHANGE PROPORTIONS THE FIRST TIME YOU TRY THIS.  Every time I changed proportions the consistency did not come out as expected.


(Makes 20 pieces depending on how thick you pour and cut them. I pour it 1 mm thick.)

1 cup almonds (or half cup almonds and half cup cashewnuts).
3/4 cup sugar
2 tsp. ghee
1/2 tsp powdered caradmom
3/4 Tbsp water.

Place almonds in microwave safe bowl with enough water to cover them and heat for 4 mins.
Cool and then blanch/remove skin.
Place almonds on a plate and let them dry out a bit.  (I let them sit overnight or put them in front of a fan, if I'm in a hurry).
Powder almonds and cashews in a blender.  ( I grind it a little coarse as I like the mouth feel of the nuts).
Powder sugar for a couple of minutes if it is the fine sugar we get in the USA or a little more if it is the granulated sugar in India.
Add almond powder, melted ghee and water and pulse so it is well mixed.

Put everything in a microwave safe bowl.
On medium cook for 2 mins.
Remove and stir.
If it is smooth place back in mic for two mins, ONE minute at a time.
(Be patient here for good results).
If there is ANY sign of it browning or hardening then mix and pour on plate.

I add cardamom powder at the stage and mix.
(If you are adding saffron, dissolve it in the water first).
Pour on a lightly greased plate, leave to cool for half hour, score into diamond shapes.
Leave to cool for an hour or more.
Remove and enjoy!  Store if any pieces remain.

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