Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Happy THANKSGIVING everyone.
I've taken a hiatus from the blog as I've been busy with revising and publishing my books on Amazon through Kindle Publishing..
I hope you'll look for my latest book, 'Prescription for Love' on Amazon and read it on your Kindle Reader or iPad, iPhone or even on Mozilla on your computer.
It is a traditional romance set in California.
I am also working on revising the six books I published with Silhouette in the 90's and am working on these six romances coming out under my Homespun Romance Series.
I do apologize for neglecting the blog...I have been cooking and plan on getting back to posting easy recipes that cut our cooking time in half so we can get on with the other things we want/have to do.
Here's a good recipe for a happy, safe holiday season with:

1 cup joy
1 cup thoughtfulness
1 cup peace and
4 cups contentment.


lan said...

I am so happy to hear about this good reason for your absence! I'll surely read your book. Hope you and family had a good Thanksgiving. You have the best recipe for it! said...

Hi lan:

You are a good friend who's comments I always look forward to.
We did have a good Thanksgiving.
Or son in law always looks for a new turkey recipe and enjoys making it and our daughter makes all the 'sides', so we relax with the grandkids and enjoy the company.