Monday, September 22, 2008

Pros of owning a cockpot

My crock pot Curry In A Hurry recipe (see below) led to this post

What is a crock pot?

A crock pot is a slow cooker. It's an electrical appliance that can be plugged in and left to make super stews/curries.
Similar to a rice cooker it contains an outer chamber's where it differs from a rice cooker... an inner, removable porcelain chamber.

Pros of owning/buying a crock pot.

1. Easy cleaning: the porcelain interior rarely gets food stuck to the bottom.
2. Hands free cooking...once you put stuff in there correctly.
3. A meal is waiting for you when you come back from work/an outing...the aroma of curry filling the house reminds me of India where we always come home to something smelling yummy-licious from the kitchen.
4. It's inexpensive...approximately 11 dollars on sale for a one quart crockpot.
5. For a party, it gets the curry ready and keeps it hot, while you work on other can place the crock pot directly on the table, as the exteriors are pretty.
6. Besides the kurma at the bottom, they are great for stews,soups or curries that need long, slow cooking.
7. You can season everything/fry onions on the stove top, then transfer to the crock-pot and put in lentils or meat or veggies or a combo and leave it to simmer till done...I get the best flavors this way.
8. I have made khoa in the crock pot, leaving milk to boil in it for eight hours, stirring occasionally. This needs a little attention when milk gets very thick but it prevents that stirring, stirring, stirring...and arm ache.
9. It's great for Rabdi...the North Indian/Mughal thickened sweetened milk dish and kheers/rice payasam...again, anything with liquid that needs long, slow cooking.
10. Chakkrapongal, a traditional South Indian sweet dish, made with rice, mung dal, jaggery and milk comes out great in the crock pot.

I'm not just a recorder of recipes. My crock pot adventures made me feel like a proud pioneer in shortcuts. I love nothing more than finding ways to cut down the work while KEEPING the same age old wonderful flavors and taste.

Do follow manufacturer's instructions for safety while using a crock pot.
Never let your dish run dry while cooking or it WILL burn.
Test every new recipe for the first time when you are around to observe results.


Cynthia said...

I've never owned a crockpot but I like the idea of what it is supposed to do.

Mallugirl said...

i am still debating whether i really need yet another gadget.. and u are turning me around.