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Nature is always the best healer and healers have always turned to Nature for medicine.
Today we call this alternative medicine in the USA and slowly the idea is gaining hold that allopathic or western medicine is not the only way to ultimate healing.

In India some of the alternative methods were:

Home Remedies: These were tried and true and passed down through the ages from generation to generation.

Homeopathic remedies: Originating in Germany this was what my mother used for herself and us when we were chidren. We happily ate the medicine that came in tiny balls or tablets, wishing we could have more.





For the housewife, home remedies are available as close as her kitchen.
It isn't just the healing power of everyday spices we add to our foods but the things we include in our diet that can make a difference and reduce the amount of medicine we need for any condition. Of course nothing should be substituted for medicine without proper supervision and care. One positive proof of improvement in any area would be blood test results/x-rays and change/improvement of symptoms.

Here are some tips from the show Yoga For You by Dr. Smita Naram.

Broccoli and broccoli juice prevents breast cancer, raises haemaglobin levels.

Horse radish (white mooli/mulangi) and the leaves, help expel kidney stones

Masoor dal (red lentils) are anit-carcinogenic and prevent blockages in arteries, prevent calcification and improve circulation.

Whole moong dal soaked and sprouted, eaten raw, helps diabetics control blood sugar.

Eggplant corrects spleen enlargement.
She suggest 'bharta' for this: broiling eggplant and using the fleshy inside mixed with onions and spices.

Yam reduces gas and helps with piles.

Barley: a juice made with barley helps kidney and urinary infections, prostate problems and prevents water retention.

From Dr. Pankaj Naram:

A suggestion for diabetics:
Stimulate the pancreas to increase insulin production : soak overnight... 3 almonds, 3 tsp fennel (somph)seeds and 3 cardamom. In the morning make a paste of all these ingredients and eat it.

From this blogger:

Look for more healing foods and include them in your daily diet to help your body fight disease and enjoy good health.

Whichever diet you follow, do so in moderation.

"A day off' is no crime as long as it happens once in a way and you get back on track right away.

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