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Enchiladas Supremo

I had a guest recently, whom I asked: "What's your favorite dish to make?"
"Enchiladas," was the prompt answer, followed by, "Want me to make them for you?"
That set us off on an adventure. Except for cheese quesadillas and burritos, I haven't tried much Mexican cooking and I was looking forward to doing something new.
She wrote down her list of ingredients and described the recipe...I suggested shortcuts. We both went shopping separately and cooked together. It took a while but everyone was pleased by the outcome!
Enchiladas have never been a favorite dish of mine but now I know why. I've never had them the way they should be made...and the best way to make them is to learn from someone whose native dish it is!
This isn't an easy recipe but worth the effort.
Wherever possible I've added tips and shortcuts.

Just Fried Tortillas

The finished product

Mayra's Chicken Enchiladas

(We made 24 with this recipe.)

Sauce (We made this the evening before.)

3 medium sized tomatoes
8 medium sized tomatillos
10 large CHILE CALIFORNIA (huge,dried red chillies)
1 tsp oregano
1/2 tsp cumin powder.
1/2 large onion
Salt, pepper, chilli powder to taste.

(For green enchiladas use only tomatillos and green jalapeno chillies)

Remove 1/2 inch of the part of the tomatillos where the stalk is attached, with a sharp knife.
Slit and de-seed dried chillies. (Keep them if you want them spicier).

Fill a 4 qt stockpot with 2 qts water.
Add washed tomatoes, tomatillos, chillies and cook till tender (about 20 mins) and the color of the tomatoes changes.
Remove from water, blend with 1/2 large onion, salt, oregano, cumin, pepper and chilli powder (optional). We separated the sauce at this stage and I added chilli powder liberally in our half.

Sauce should be consistency of tomato sauce in a can.

Ingredients for filling

8-12 ozs of Mozarella cheese (either buy grated cheese or grate in food processor.

Shredded chicken

(Cook one chicken with 3 cloves of garlic, 1/2 onion and salt. Shred when cool into one inch pieces.
Shortcut: Buy one roasted chicken. Shred.


(Buy the packet of 6" fresh corn tortillas from your local supermarket. We are lucky to have one that makes them fresh daily).


any pre-packaged 6" corn tortillas.

On a griddle/tawa/non stick pan, lightly cook each tortilla on both sides...must not get brown.
Heat one inch oil in frying pan.
Dip each tortilla in sauce, using tongs and then put into hot oil.
Fry both sides...30 seconds on each side.
TIP: Sauce and oil splash a lot so cover sides of fry pan and rest of stove with foil before frying.
I had to use 2 slotted spoons to remove each tortilla as they get very soft in the oil.
Drain in a colander.
If this method is too hard for you and it certainly is a challenge, read Method 2.
Fry all the tortillas first, unless you have someone helping you in which case you can do the following in tandem: one fry, one assemble.
On each tortilla, spread one large tablespoon each of chicken and cheese (adjust ratio to taste).
Roll up end side down in dish.
Optional: add chopped onion and tomato to chicken and cheese.
When all are done, sprinkle cheese on top.

Just before eating, heat in microwave till cheese melts on top.

CHEESE ENCHILADAS: Place cheese, chopped tomato, cilantro and onion inside.

Method 2: Low fat tortillas.
(Made this a couple of days ago and neither HD or I found a difference in taste. It is a much easier way as there is less clean up. I also double up on the sauce and froze a batch.)

Fry only the tortilla on both sides using half a tsp. of oil on each side,then dip in sauce, continue as above.
Mayra, the authority on enchiladas, insists it tastes better the traditional way (tortilla dipped in sauce then we did it her way) It did taste great!!!

Fill and roll as above. I add a cup of sauce over the enchiladas at this point and sprinkle with cheese.
Can be covered and frozen at this stage for a later date
Microwave/heat in 350 degree oven before eating and serve piping hot.

The votes were unanimous...this dish was great!!!
The secret, according to Mayra, is in the sauce.

The following dish is one use for left over sauce:

Chile with Chicken and Potatoes

Peel, cube and boil potatoes.
Shredded chicken
If using any other meat, fry in 3 Tbsps oil till well cooked.
Place in a dish.
Cover with above sauce.
Optional: add chopped onion and tomato.
Serve hot with tortillas.

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