Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Sooji Rawa Laddu for Beginners

My cousin's recipe for sooji laddus, that I shared a few days ago, is for graduate cooks with hands that can stand the heat and mold those mouth wateringly delicious laddus.

The following is my mother's recipe and one for those who want to venture out in the world of laddu making and whose hands, like mine, aren't able to handle very hot stuff.
I've made these many times with very good results.
Lan, this one's for you...not that you are in any way a beginner...but just because you are in laddu making mode.

Sooji/Rawa Laddu

4 cups fine rawa/sooji
2 1/2 cups sugar
1 cup water
1/4 cup ghee (original recipe says 3/4 cup).
1/2 cup raisins, soaked in water and dried on a paper towel.
1/2 cup cashewnuts, halved and chopped.
1/2 level tsp. cardamom powder

Heat ghee.
Fry cashews, when 3/4 done add raisins and fry. Drain and reserve ghee.
Cut down the quantity of cashews and raisins if you like less...I like my laddus chock full of them.
Dry roast sooji with cardamom powder over medium flame for 3 minutes...use a kadai/wok for this if you have one (aluminum or non-stick). They heat up quickly so keep stirring the suji.
Add ghee and keep roasting for another 2 mins BUT do not let it brown.

Heat the water and sugar. When it has dissolved, let it simmer 1 minute on medium and remove.
The syrup has to be pre-one string stage so do not let it simmer too long or you will have rock laddus!
Add sooji, cashews, raisins and mix.
Let it cool and when it is lukewarm, shape into laddus.
This is done by picking up a handful, squeezing it to compress the mixture and then rolling it with both hands to get a good, round shape.
Wet your hands if they get too sticky or mixture sticks to them.
These laddus were always made smaller than other laddus...less than one inch diameter.
They get a little harder after they cool.

TIP: If your mixture does get too hard...heat very slightly with 1/5 of a cup of water or milk to soften it.

OPTIONAL: Add one tablespoon of dry roasted, golden brown, grated coconut to the sooji after it is fried.


lan said...

thanks geets! i am totally a beginner in this case. i was wondering about the hot molding part. i remember we used to make something similar at home - avalose unda- which had to be molded hot. being the youngest i just provided moral support but i could see it was tough on the hands. will give this a try. rawa laddus do not include grated coconut by any chance?

Cynthia said...

I've never had a laddu. Must give it a try sometime.