Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Baked matri

Whenever I get sick/feel under the weather, which is very often for a diabetic,I am challenged to come up with quicker and easier recipes... because no matter how sick the rest of me is, these taste buds; reared by a mother who loved to cook the best food and a father who insisted on the best food being served at every meal AND honed by my own work and eating skills...are something to be reckoned with.

My mouth has been watering reading all the recipes for matri BUT as explained before there is a huge gap between 'WANT TO' and 'CAN'.
It took two weeks to remember to get the omum/ajwain/carom seed,then another week to think about making matri.
Inspiration hit when I got some ready made pie crust for another recipes...look for it by the frozen biscuits etc. Two large sheets come in a box.
So here's the recipe, not written up in the traditional manner as it is too simple for that...
Heat oven to 350 degrees.
I rolled one sheet out to 1 mm thickness...next time I'll do it thinner.
I grabbed a round lid, cut out circles.
Then on top of each circle I sprinkled a very little omum...be careful as omum has a STRONG flavor and less is more.
Using my fingertips, I pressed the seed lightly into each round.
(next time I'll add cracked pepper too).
Do NOT add salt as the pie crust has enough for this dish.
I lined a tray with foil, placed my matris on it and baked it for 7 mins, till golden brown..
Watch carefully the first time and note your own right temp down as matris bake/brown quickly and everything depends on your oven.
These were flaky and absolutely delicious...the taste buds reminded me if only I'd had some Punjabi mango pickle made with somph to go with it, things would really have been great but I was too happy to care!!!

This is a healthy conversion of an old time favorite.
Though not deep fried, like the original recipe,there was no loss of taste.
PLUS, the final bonus, HD (Hubby Dearest) looked surprised and then very pleased when he tasted the new matris. He doesn't get enough savory snacks around here.

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Mallugirl said...

i used to love matri but the frying part daunts me. what is omum?