Thursday, October 2, 2008

5 star badam halwa for Navratri

Navratri literally means nine nights. This festival honors Devi/the Indian Goddess who fought against demons who wanted to conquer heaven and earth.
Devi was created by the light that emanated from the Gods and she was endowed with the special power of each of the Gods.
They sang her praises in special hymns, recorded in the Devi Mahatmyan when they needed her and she appeared and rescued them from the scourge of the demons.
These nine days are celebrated all over India, in different ways...Gujratis hold 'garbha sessions' which convene at 8 or 9 at night in which they celebrate with song and dance till mid-night when the 'arti' is performed, Bengalis perform Durga Puja for these nine days, South Indians perform pujas at home,some set up a display of dolls and grow fresh grains in a plate for nine days. People visit each others homes to see the dolls and eat the 'goodies'.
For those who cannot make elaborate dishes, fruits and milk are offering enough when served with devotion. I also mix nuts and dried fruit and serve this.
The tenth day Vijaya Dashmi is the day of Victory.
The simplest explanation of Navratri is it is the fight of good versus evil and eventual victory by all that is good. By celebrating the festival, we affirm this.
The simplest worship is to follow all that is good every day of our lives in thought, action and deed. The light of goodness will always dissolve the darkness of evil.

Here's an easy dish that is a great offering, a great dessert and simply a great sweet.

5 star badam/almond halwa

1 can condensed milk
1 cup blanched almonds, powdered coarse.
(If you do not have a food processor, then do this in a blender with a little milk)
1/2 cup milk powder.
1 tsp Elaichi/ cardamom

Put all ingredients in a pan on medium heat.
Stir till thick and halwa falls from spoon like a mass.
Remove and transfer to a serving dish.
Serve small portions as this is a rich dish.
No one will believe you haven't spent hours making it!
Picture coming soon!!!


Usha said...

Hi this is my first visit to your have a wonderful space badam halva it is one of my favorite sweets and the broken wheat upma looks healthy and wholesome :)

lan said...

sounds yummy. i am always in search of a quick dessert. waiting for the pic