Tuesday, May 31, 2011

5 star Vegetarian Burritos, Indian Style

5 star Vegetarian Burritos, Indian style.

When we were young my mother would take the hot chappattis off the tawa, smeared it with ghee, sprinkled it with sugar and give us each a 'roly-poly' to eat.

These burritos are like roly-poly's, with a different filling.

I tried this recipe for the first time, a while back when I had guests from India stopping by for brunch. I wanted to make a dish in one, something different and yet one that appealed to Indian taste buds and this turned out to be a hit.
Yesterday I made it again, after a year or more, to take to a friend's place for lunch.

Both times I omitted the meat.
Follow this recipe. It comes complete with great pictures so I'm not posting any.

My variations:

The first time I used vegetarian refried beans.
For yesterday's dish I soaked fresh pinto beans overnight, then cooked them for 2-3 hours and then used a food processor to make then into a paste (it's a little watery and should be).
Then I fried a large chopped onion till translucent, added grated garlic, chilli powder, cumin and salt and the bean mixture and let it cook till it was thick (about five-seven minutes).
I added chopped Mexican canned chillies as I couldn't find the Hatch sauce.
I added a couple of tablespoons of the vinegar the chillies come in as it enhances the taste.
I left out the olives but that was just a personal choice.
I used 8" whole wheat tortillas to make the dish more nutritious and reduce the size of the burritos.
I followed Yumsugar's recipe for the filling and baking, putting in less raw onion.
I used mild Picante sauce and that had enough heat in it for this dish for us. I guess the chilli powder had already added some heat.
Making the pinto beans from scratch did make a difference to the taste but I just wanted to try it out once.
While all the prep (chopping fine, grating) takes a while it is worth it as the end result is great.
The payoff to the effort invested is that these burritos freeze and re-heat excellently and one of them is a great lunch or dinner for a diabetic.

Changes to a recipe are supposed to make it one's own but I still want Yumsugar to have 80% of the credit for this one. It has joined my 5 star club of top of the line dishes.

Compliments followed every bite with this dish, and I hope you'll try it out.
Cut in half, the burritos make a good appetizer too with all the tangy tastes that appeal to Indian taste buds. One could serve two dipping Picante sauces: mild and hot, on the side.